Harlequin 5000 FS - Oilfast

Harlequin 5000 FS

£2,650.00 ex. VAT

Harlequin 5000 Fuel Station

Harlequin Fuel Stations are the ultimate in diesel dispensing tanks and technology. Featuring forecout style refuelling convenience and a range of added value technologies as standard, these hi specification fuel tanks provide complete diesel storage and diesel dispensing solutions for commercial, industrial and agricultural customers alike.

Customers who do not require the added value technologies featured in our top of the range Fuel Stations, may be interested in our Fuel Point tanks, which feature the same high quality mouldings and materials as Fuel Stations and have been designed with more basic fuel storage requirements in mind.

Harlequin Fuel Stations are available in capacities ranging from 1,300 litres, to 10,000 litres and feature integral bunding as standard.

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