Oilfast - Suppliers of Commercial and Domestic Fuels in Scotland

About Us

Oilfast delivers fuel oils all across Scotland, supplying Kerosene Heating Oil, Gas Oil and Road Diesel to homes and businesses all year round.

We are the fastest growing fuel company in Scotland , and the owners and management team have a wealth of experience within the industry .

We believe excellent service is paramount to our success, combine this with first-class local knowledge and competitive prices and that is what makes OilFast the automatic choice for domestic and commercial fuel oil and lubrication needs.

A 24 hour delivery service is provided, but in the event you do run out of oil we will do our best to deliver to you the same day.

No oil delivery is too large or too small as we have an extensive range of fuel tankers to suit you. Whether that is a full 36,500 litre delivery on an articulated tanker right down to 500 litres.

Because we ONLY deliver to Scotland we’ve developed great local knowledge that means you can rely on us to make your delivery.

We’re Committed To Providing A Quality Service

We don’t have large call centres, just a friendly voice with local knowledge at the end of the phone. And, with our friendly and experienced drivers we are able to offer an oil delivery service that is second to none and that goes that extra mile.

The Environment

At Oilfast, we understand that climate change is a serious problem that affects us all, therefore, we are truly committed to implementing solutions ,and we recognise that our own operations have an effect on the local, and global environment due to the nature of our business and nationwide deliveries.

As a consequence, we continuously improve our own environmental performances and decrease our carbon footprint in order to make a positive difference.

That’s why we set up a new tree planting scheme in 2013, to ensure that we do our best to safeguard the Scottish countryside with positive, environmentally friendly action.

For all oil orders of kerosene home heating oil over 1100 litres during 2016, we will again plant one new tree in Scotland.